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Buying Guide

Purchasing your first home can seem a daunting task. It is unfamiliar territory with lots of people offering plenty of unsolicited advice. Our tips should help smooth the way and enable you to make the best of your situation.

Your Finances
Before you start looking have a good idea in your own mind how much you can/want to spend. Don't forget to remember other critical expenses such as the deposit, legal fees, stamp duty and possible moving costs. It is a good idea to get a mortgage agreed in principle as soon as possible so that when you find a house you can move quickly and reduce the chances of someone else beating you to it.

Shop around for the best deal and do not approach just one or two lenders. Your bank, independent financial advisor or your estate agent may be able to help you. It is wise to stick to reputable lenders and check the fine print of each offer to select the mortgage that most suits your needs and means. Please CLICK HERE for our mortgage link.

Ask for recommendations, your estate agent will be able to help. It is a good idea to instruct a solicitor, or at least tell him you are going to buy a property so matters can start moving forward straight away if an offer is accepted.

Contact your solicitor regularly and respond quickly to any requests. The financial matters and contracts will also need to be checked and prepared. Chase your lender and make sure they carry out their valuation quickly. Decide whether you want to have a full structural survey quickly and put that in hand as soon as possible. A pro-active approach is key to ensure there is less danger of losing the property. Please read the rest of our buying section for more tips and advise.